Event 17: Final Table

$120 + $30 No Limit Hold’em Double Stack Turbo

Blinds: 8K/16K/2K ante

The action is moving so fast it’s nearly impossible to keep up with. We hit our final ten and within a minute we’d lost two players, Cinda Goodale and Erwin Saltos, on the same hand. Erwin had Ad5c and Cinda had pocket 9’s. Erik Lester had more chips than them and AhKc. The board would run out Ks5d6hAc2d to give Lester the double knock out. Goodale finished in 10th for $277 and Saltos finished in 9th for $336.

A few moments later we would lose Andres Hernandez when he moved all in with Q-9 and was called by Willie Wiggins with pocket 7’s. A seven would flop for Wiggins to give him a set and end the tournament for Hernandez. He finished in 8th for $487.

The remaining seven players are:

Seat 1Ebert Alejo (Hialeah, FL)
Seat 2Homero Molina (Hollywood, FL)
Seat 3Edwin Vasconcelos (Port Orange, FL)
Seat 4Erik Lester (Weston, FL)
Seat 5Fred Sulayman (Miami, FL)
Seat 6Willie Wiggins (Miramar, FL)
Seat 7Greg Roy (Jupiter, FL)