Event 17: Lamb Doubles Thru Panayiotou

$5,300 Championship NLH $10 Million Guaranteed (Re-Entry)

Level 10: 400/800/ 100 ante

Ben Lamb
Ben Lamb

2011 November Niner and WSOP bracelet holder Ben Lamb (bb) and Eric Panayiotou (middle position) saw a flop of AcTc8c.  Ben checked, Eric bet 3,000, Ben check-raised to 10,400, Eric jammed, and Ben called all-in for 49,700 total.

Eric had QcTh for middle pair with second nut flush draw, while Ben was ahead with Jc3c for the made flush.  Eric had a lot of outs, but Ben faded them all when the last two peeled off Ah3h.

Ben’s flopped flush was good for a double-up to over 100k while Eric’s stack took a big hit.