Event 17: Timothy Miles Triples Up

$5,300 Championship NLH $10 Million Guaranteed (Re-Entry)

Level 13: 800/1,600/ 200 ante

Timothy Miles
Timothy ‘TK’ Miles

After the player in seat 5 raised, Timothy ‘TK’ Miles flatted, only to have Joe Reddick shove from the big blind.  Seat 5 shoved and TK was happy to get his chips in the middle.

Joe: T7 off
Seat 5: 99

Board:   J T 8 4 2

TK’s pocket Kings were good for a triple up to ~150k.  Joe, who shoved because he didn’t want to bag a short-stack, won a small side pot and was left with 2,600.  The player in seat 5 was felted.