Event 18 Bounty NLH – End of Day 1

Event 18 (3 pm): $1,650 Purple Chip Bounty NLH
Blinds 500/1K/100 ante

Players left: 23

Players in Event 18 have ended play for the night. The last 23 players standing will return to Level 11 of play tomorrow at 3pm until they determine the winner of the $44,400 grand prize. Here are the chip stacks:

Ian Davis 177,100
Amir Babakhani 171,300
Marc Schiller 146,300
Norberto Korn 140K
Alistair Melville 135,700
James Oliver 110,200
Paul Domb 102,600
Alan Snow 95,500
Azim Popatia 87K
James Sowers 85,700
Paul Prager 64,500
Fabian Ortiz 53K
Erik Christensen 52,900
Mario Lim 45,300
Roger Linwood 45K
Courtland Tayman 41K
Mike Dentale 40,600
Orlando Maldonado 39,700
Yvonne Mcquillian 35,700
Kunal Patel 34,200
Samuel Panzica 32,700
Kevin O’Donnell 22,800
Ebony Kenney 16K

New seat assignments will be posted in the morning, after 10am.