Event 2: Adam Walter Wins! ($7,908); Michael Rosenberg Finishes 2nd ($4,563)

$360 Limit Omaha 8 (Re-Entry)
Structure | Payouts
Level 23: 15,000/30,000
Players Remaining: 1 of 78

Adam Walter
Event 2 Winner Adam Walter

With the final board showing Kh7s5c7h6h, Adam Walter bet, and Michael Rosenberg tanked for a while before he called off most of his stack from the button.

Here were their cards:

Adam Walter:  QhQd3h2c  (queen-high flush, 7-6 low)
Michael Rosenberg:  8d6d5d4d  (eight-high straight, 8-7 low)

Walter scooped the entire pot with his flush and his 7-6 low to take a 20-to-1 chip lead.

Adam Walter  –  890,000  (30 bb)
Michael Rosenberg  –  45,000  (2 bb)

The next hand, they got it all in preflop, and both had surprisingly good hands:

Adam Walter:  AcKhQsJh
Michael Rosenberg:  10s10c9c8d

Neither player had any shot at a low hand, and the board came Qc6h3s6c2s. Walter paired his queen on the flop to win the pot — and the Lucky Hearts Poker Open trophy — with two pair, queens and sixes.

Michael Rosenberg
Event 2 Runner-Up Michael Rosenberg

1st:  Adam Walter  –  $7,908 + LHPO trophy
2nd:  Michael Rosenberg  –  $4,563
3rd:  Michael Dreese  –  $2,855
4th:  Gabriel Ramos  –  $1,931
5th:  Wayne Brown  –  $1,463
6th:  Hyndi Khomutetsky  –  $1,170
7th:  Harvey Freedman  –  $1,053
8th:  Perry Klein  –  $936
9th:  Harry Eisenberg  –  $819
10th:  Eric Von Guttenberg  –  $702