Event 2: Caleb Piderit – 4th Place ($2,650)

$400 H.O.R.S.E. (Re-Entry)
Structure | Payouts
Level 23:  25,000/50,000 Limits
Players Remaining:  3 of 109

Caleb Piderit
Caleb Piderit

Omaha 8

Willie Wiggins limped for 25,000 from UTG/cutoff, Caleb Piderit called in the small blind, and George Boyadjuan checked his option in the big blind.

The flop was 10s5h2h, and action checked to Wiggins who bet 25,000. Piderit check-raised all in for 37,000, Boyadian folded, and Wiggins called.

Wiggins:  QcQhJs8s  (pair of queens)
Piderit:  Jh5c5s4s  (set of fives)

The Kc turn and As river completed the board, giving Wiggins an ace-high straight to eliminate Piderit in fourth place.

Willie Wiggins  –  495,000  (10 BB)
Caleb Piderit  –  Eliminated in 4th Place  ($2,650)

With three players remaining from a field of 109, the average chip stack is around 436,000 (9 Big Bets). The remaining players are guaranteed at least $4,055 each.