Event 2: Mark Hurst Pulls Ahead

$400 H.O.R.S.E. (Re-Entry)
Structure | Payouts
Level 22:  20,000/40,000 Limits
Players Remaining:  4 of 109

Mark Hurst
Mark Hurst


George Boyadjian raised to 40,000 from UTG/cutoff, Willie Wiggins called on the button, Mark Hurst three-bet to 60,000 from the small blind, Boyadjian called, and Wiggins called.

The flop was 9d7s7h, Hurst continued for 20,000, and both Boyadjian and Wiggins called.

The turn was the 3h, Hurst bet 40,000, and both Boyadjian and Wiggins called.

The river was the 7c and everyone checked.

Hurst showed JhJd for sevens full of jacks, Wiggins showed a defeated 6h6s, and Boyadjian didn’t show (but later said he had pocket eights), locking up the hefty pot for Hurst.

Mark Hurst  –  513,000  (13 BB)
George Boyadjian  –  330,000  (8 BB)
Caleb Piderit  –  290,000  (7 BB)
Willie Wiggins  –  175,000  (4 BB)

1st:  $10,785 + LHPO trophy
2nd:  $6,755
3rd:  $4,055
4th:  $2,650