Event 20: $200 NLH – Cowboys good for Chizick

$200 Buy-in No Limit Hold’em ($50K Guaranteed)
Blind Level 21: 6K/12K/ 2K ante
Total entries: 362
Places Paid: 36
Players left: 12
Average Stack: 259K (22bbs)

Right before players went on their 15 minute break, Jordan Chizick (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) faced a couple of raises pre-flop before shoving his stack.  He was called by David Albertson (Coral Springs, FL).

Albertson: 77
Chizick: KK

The board was dealt 10 K 10 2 A and Chizick locked up the pot right on the flop with Kings full of 10s. The huge pot gave Chizick his current chip lead of 720K (60bbs) and crippled Albertson to 119K (10bbs).

Chizick says if he makes it to the final table, which it looks like he might, it will be his 4th final table in a row in this series.