Event 20: Anthony Dunne Triples Up Then Eliminated

$1,100 Deep Stack NLH Shootout (Freeze-Out)
90-Player Cap | Structure | Payouts
Level 16:  3,000/5,000 with a 5,000 ante
Players Remaining:  5 of 68

Antony Dunne

Anthony Dunne dipped to 35,000 and moved all in from the small blind after Colin Robinson opened to 11,000. Natasha Mercier called in the big blind. Robinson raised to 82,000 and Mercier thought for a bit. She folded, Robinson guessed she had nines, and other the hands were flipped up.

Robinson: As8c
Dunne: KhKc

Dunne was in great shaped with the kings and they held as the board ran out 9s8s2cJh4d for his triple up against one hand.

Two hands later, Dunne was all-in and facing Robinson once again.

Robinson: Kh3h
Dunne: 9c7c

Both players paired the Kc7s3c flop but Robinson remained ahead with his kings. The 5d turn and 6s river finished the board and Dunne was eliminated in sixth place.

Colin Robinson – 710,000 (142 bb)
Anthony Dunne – Eliminated in 6th Place ($3,400)