Event 3: Michael Johnson Doubles Thru Stanley Bilan

Escalator VI Series Event #3
$400 Deep Stack NLH (Re-Entry)
$300,000 Guaranteed | Structure | Payouts
Prize Pool:  $403,240
Level 24:  15,000/30,000 with a 30,000 ante
Players Remaining:  28 of 1,186

Stanley Bilan raised to 135,000 from UTG+1 and Michael Johnson called from the big blind.

The flop was JcKd8s, Johnson bet his remaining 145,000 and Bilan called with 9h9s for a pair of nines, trailing Johnson’s AcJd for a pair of jacks.

The Qd turn and 2d river completed the board, safe for Johnson to double up.

Michael Johnson  –  605,000  (20 bb)
Stanley Bilan  –  325,000  (11 bb)

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