Event 4: Avi Hakmon Declared the Champ

$250 Big Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)

Players returned from their last break and it became obvious the stack sizes were making every action risky and shoving the only move. The average stack at the six-handed table was just over 12 big blinds.

Frank Simms was short stacked and refused any discussion of a deal because of his number of chips. That changed after he doubled through Julian Gallo with Ad8s versus TdTc. Then talk of a chip began in earnest.

After some tense negotiations, the final six players came to an understanding to divide the remaining prize money between them.

As the leader, Avi Hakmon was crowned champion and picked up $4,904 for his 13 hours of work.

Event 4 Results:

1st – Avi Hakmon $4,904
2nd – Adam Horowitz $3,796
3rd – Frank Simms $3,277
4th – Pedro Arez – $2,488
5th – Julian Gallo – $2,400
6th – Mike Green – $2,100
7th – Steven Lauffer $885
8th – Ian Pearson $658
9th – Mark Fowler $544
10th – Bruce MacGregor – $476
11th – Nick Costa – $476
12th – Lisa Levy – $476