Event 4: Clinkscales Makes Good Call

$350 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)

Level 28:  Blinds 30k/60k/10k ante

Randolph Mallen - 30th Place
Randolph Mallen – 30th Place

On the turn with a board of Ad8c5h2h, Randolph Mallen was all-in for 820k.  Rex Clinkscales tanked for a minute, then made the call.

It was a good one, too.  Randolph had Jh8s for a pair of 8s.  Rex had AcQh for a pair of Aces.  River was the 6h and Rex pulled the pot, chipping up to the neighborhood of 3 million.

Randolph hit the rail in 30th place, earning $3,065.