Event 4 (Day 3): Lushing Doubles

$1,650 Deepest-Stack No-Limit Hold’em with re-entries ($300,000 Guaranteed)
Level 29: Blinds 40,000/80,000, Ante 10,000
Players Remaining: 2/290
Average Stack: 7,297,500 (91 bb)

Ory Hen limped on the button, Scott Lushing raised to 280,000 from the big blind, and Hen called.

They checked to the turn of a 8s6h2hKh board where Lushing bet 350,000. Hen raised to 800,000, Lushing shoved for 3,185,000, and Hen called.

Hen: Kc2s
Lushing: Ah10d

Hen led with two pair against Lushing’s flush draw, but the 4h fell on the river to give Lushing a flush to double up.

Ory Hen – 7,645,000 (95 bb)
Scott Lushing – 6.950,000 (86 bb)