Event 4: Gallo Doubles Twice

$250 Big Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 22: Blinds 8,000/16,000/2,000 ante

Julian Gallo keeps hanging around and found another unexpected double when he called a 35,000 open from Pedro Arez with just 19,000 behind. Gallo put them in with Tc6c after the 7h2h2c flop and Arez called with As3s.

The 8c turn gave Gallo 18 outs to the river and he doubled when it came Th.

Just a few hands later he mixed it up again with Arez after getting in a three-way pot to the 9h5h2c flop for 35,000 each. Action was checked to Arez and he bet out 60,000 to get a fold from Avi Hakmon before a tank from Gallo.

He finally moved all-in for 75,000 total, just a 15,000 call for Arez with 3d3s. Gallo was ahead with 5s4c and dodged the 8c6s turn/river for another double.

Things then got a little “wordy” between the two.