Event 4: Noah Carbone – 8th Place ($1,300)

$400 H.O.R.S.E. (Re-Entry)
Structure | Payouts
Level 19:  10,000/20,000 Limits
Players Remaining:  7 of 115

Shortly after Tony Ruberto’s elimination in ninth place, Noah Carbone got his short stack all in on fourth street in a round of Stud against Sal Pipitone.

Sal Pipitone:  (KsKc)  7c6c6s3d  (Qs)
Noah Carbone:  (9s9h)  8c2d5d10c  (4h)

It was pocket kings against pocket nines, and Pipitone improved to two pair, kings and sixes, to win the pot and eliminate Carbone in eighth place.

Sal Pipitone  –  503,000  (25 BB)
Noah Carbone  –  Eliminated in 8th Place  ($1,300)

With seven players remaining from a field of 115, the average chip stack is about 197,000 (10 Big Bets). The next player to be eliminated will earn $1,475.