Event 5: Aaron Kupin Wins Outright ($17,015); Matthew Wolfson Finishes 2nd ($10,585)

$600 Limit Omaha 8 (Re-Entry)
Structure | Payouts
Level 24:  30,000/60,000 Limits
Players Remaining:  1 of 109

Aaron Kupin
Aaron Kupin

Shortly after heads-up play began, Matthew Wolfson jokingly pitched a deal where Aaron Kupin would take the full first-place prize money, but Wolfson would get the title and the trophy.

“This is my home casino,” said Wolfson, “and I don’t have a trophy.”

Kupin replied, “This is my home casino too, and I don’t have a trophy either.

“But you’re a better poker player than me,” said Wolfson. “You’ll win one eventually.”

About 10 minutes into heads-up play, Wolfson got it all in preflop from the big blind for 80,000.

Aaron Kupin:  Kc10c5c3c
Matthew Wolfson:  Qc8s7h4h

The board came 6h6c4sQhKh, and with no possible lows, Kupin won the pot — plus the title, $17,015, and his first Seminole Hard Rock trophy — with two pair, kings and sixes.

Matthew Wolfson finished as the runner-up, earning $10,585.

Congratulations to Aaron Kupin!

1st:  Aaron Kupin  –  $17,015 + SHRPO Trophy
2nd:  Matthew Wolfson  –  $10,585
3rd:  Donny Rubinstein  –  $6,300
4th:  Kevin M. Buck  –  $4,150
5th:  David Snitkin  –  $3,205
6th:  Jason Papastavrou  –  $2,635
7th:  Dominic Granteed  –  $2,230
8th:  Chris Labrie  –  $1,945
9th:  Gabe Ramos  –  $1,720
10th:  Steve Ekin  –  $1,720
11th:  Hoyt Verner  –  $1,515
12th:  Michael Deveronica  –  $1,515
13th:  Jeff Cookson  –  $1,345
14th:  Shane Daniels  –  $1,345

Matthew Wolfson
Runner-Up Matthew Wolfson