Event 5: Getting There

$200 + $40 No Limit Hold’em Deep Stack Turbo

Blinds: 600/1.2k/200 ante

Not only are they not adding tables as the registration comes to a close, they have broken a table with 81 players showing so far. In theory that would be nine tables but in Turbo reality it is just five.

One player is on his 6th bullet and will need a top finish to turn a profit.

There was a double knockout on Table 36 midway through Level 7 with another three-way all-in after the As 5s 4d flop. The two shorter stacks were holding Ac 4h for Aces up and 7h 6c for the open ended straight draw against the big stack’s Ks 4s nut flush draw.

The 9d turn didn’t change any fates but the Js river flush pushed both short stacks to the 8-seat. It was Mr. Aces Up who went down to fire his 6th re-entry bullet. “Get that guy’s picture,” he joked as he walked away.

“This is the table that gets there,” joked the 8-seat as he was stacking chips, “I could write an article about it.”

Here comes the spade
Here comes the spade