Event 5C: Williams Turns Straight

$150 No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)

Level 5:  Blinds 150/300/25 ante

Joe Williams

On the turn, the board read Th8h2d7s and the player in seat 2 fired 2,200.  Joe Williams (Benton City, FL) tossed all his chips in, totaling 5,500.

“Is this a re-buy?” asked his opponent.  The dealer informed him it is re-entry, not re-buy, and he can re-enter until the start of level 10.

After about a minute, the player called all-in and showed AdTd for top/top.  Joe rolled over Jd9d for the straight and a lock on the hand.

The river was a useless Ts and seat 2 headed for the registration desk.  Joe chipped up to about 15k.