Event 7: Getting A Little Chippy

$150 No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 10: Blinds 500/1000/100 ante

Whether it’s the late hour or tensions starting to rise, some players are losing it while others just keep on rolling.

Table 27 saw an odd hand where a player who a player in Seat 3 who thought he was in the small blind but was actually on the button made a huge bet out of turn.  His bet was pulled back and three players put in 5k.  The player who’d bet out of turn still put 20k into the pot.

He was then called by Seat 9, Seat 1 went all-in and was called by Seat 2.  Seat 3 then pushed all-in as well and was the short stack in the group.  Only Seat 9 was left to make a decision but Seat 3 then called the clock only 30 seconds into Seat 9’s turn.  The floor was called and the table ganged up saying he hadn’t take too much time and the clock call was removed.  Seat 9 then folded after a very heated discussion.

Seat 3 flipped over 6c3c on a 8d2dJdTd board and it turned out all the blustering was because he knew he’d dumped his chips on a horrible play, was eliminated and the table practically celebrated his departure along with a little needling from the rail.

While that was going on, Table 25 also had a situation where a player had gone all-in, Nick Yunis had called and another boisterous player called.  When he won the hand he stood up and screamed “SHIP ME THE WHOLE THING!”.   The first player left the table and Yunis calmly counted out chips to match his bet and moved on ignoring the blustering.

The pressure is on here in Flight 1F and won’t be settling down anytime soon.