Event 7: Robert Campbell – 5th Place ($1,827)

$570 Big Stack Double Black Chip Bounty NLH/PLO (Single Re-Entry)
Level 20: 4,000/8,000
Game: PLO

The possible heads-up match between Ory Hen and Robert Campbell with have to wait for another day.

After Campbell had just lost a big NLH hand to MIchael Graffeo, the two faced off again in PLO.  After Campbell raised pre-flop to 21,000, Graffeo went over the top for 62,000 and Campbell called.

After a flop of 7hQh8s, Graffeo bet pot for 126,000 putting Campbell all-in and he made the call.

Campbell: 8hThQcTs
Graffeo: Ah9h6dAs

Campbell had hit two pair and was one card away from winning the hand after the Kd fell on the turn. But it wasn’t to be as Graffeo hit his flush with a 6h on the river knocking Robert Campbell out.

Robert Campbell finishes in 5th place for $1,827.

Robert Campbell - 5th Place ($1,827)
Robert Campbell – 5th Place ($1,827)