Event 7: Action On Table 8

$150 No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)

Level 21:  Blinds 6k/12k/2k

Michael Larkin
Michael Larkin

Michael Larkin (Palm Beach Gardens, FL) was all-in pre-flop for his last 136k.  When his opponent in seat 1 called with AK, it looked like Michael would be headed out.

Then the board ran out A T 8 9 Q giving Michael a straight and the double-up to survive.

Joe Calabia

On the same table, Joe Calabia (Stuart, FL) got all-in holding pocket Aces against the pocket 8s of Nelli Shteyn.  The board was all Joe: A 9 5 9 Q.   He doubled up to ~340k with Aces-full.  Nelli dropped to ~60k.

Elie Joseph

Elie Joseph (Salem, MA) is sharing the felt with this crew and has somehow avoided getting into the blog — until now, that is.