Event 8: Jerry Wong Eliminated in 3rd Place ($50,394)

$350 Deep Stack NLH
Level 35: Blinds 150,000/300,000/50,000 ante

Jerry Wong (Brooklyn, NY) $50,394
Jerry Wong (Brooklyn, NY)

Ken Begnoche raises to 600,000 on the button, Russ Dykshteyn three-bets to 2,600,000 from the small blind, and Jerry Wong four-bet shoves for 8,725,000 from the big blind. After Begnoche folds, Dykshteyn calls.

Dykshteyn: AsTs
Wong: AhKd

The flop falls 9s4s2s to give Dykshteyn a winning flush. The 9c turn and 3h river officially end Wong’s tournament in third place.

Russ Dykshteyn – 31,200,000 (104 bb)
Ken Begnoche – 14,100,000 (47 bb)
Jerry Wong – Eliminated in 3rd Place ($50,394)