Event 9: Alexander Brody Eliminated in 4th Place ($2,480)

$250 Buy-In Seniors No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 23: 10000/20000/3000 Ante

Alexander Brody battled all day long but ran into the Cofhlin Machine to end his day.

Brody pushed his remaining 120k over the top of John Cofhiln III’s big blind.  Cofhlin III went into the tank with an obviously difficult decision saying “I don’t want to be dominated.”  He did eventually pull the trigger and found himself ahead.

Cofhlin III: Ac8c
Brody: Ah5h

Both players hit the flop with a 8s5dKc running out. Brody got no help from there and ended his day in 4th place with a $2,480 payday.

14SHRPO Event 9 Alexander Brody

Alexander Brody (Staten Island, NY) – $2,480