Event 9: Stanley Rosenthal eliminated in 5th ($1,845)

$250 Buy-In Seniors No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 23: 10k/20k/3k Ante

John Coflin is starting to run away with the Seniors Event final table. The funny loving New Orleans guy grabbed the chiplead when he doubled to over 600,000 when his 8h8d beat Robert Chow’s Ah8s all-in preflop. Just a few hands later until he added more to his lead.

Action folded to Coflin before he limped in the small blind. Stanley Rosenthal was having none of that and put 100,000 on top in the big blind. Coflin almost immediately said “all-in” to give Rosenthal something to think about.

Rosenthal thought and talked his way through his decision, at one point saying he wasn’t sure if he felt like racing for all those chips.

“How do you know we’re flipping?” askied Coflin.

“Unless you have Aces,” Rosenthal responded.

“Are these cards see-through?!?” Coflin jokingly asked the dealer.

Rosenthal looked like he was going to fold but finally called.

Coflin rolled over AhAc to a startled reaction from the table, rail, and even staff. Rosenthal was in trouble with KhQd and grabbed a draw on the Jh9c[3c[][flop.][The][8s left him drawing thing and the 5s ended the tournament for Rosenthal in 5th place for $1,845.

14SHRPO Event 9 Stanley Rosenthal