Event 15: Bold Bubble Bluff By Reddick

$1,650 Eight-Handed No Limit Hold ‘Em (Single Re-Entry)
Level 13: 800/1600/200 Ante

Joe Reddick has been steady and deliberate through this entire tournament and this play showed his cool and calculating side.

With players on the bubble, Keller got in a hand with Victor Sbrissa. On a 2h4s5dJs board, Reddick had checked to Sbrissa who fired a bet to 26,500. After taking some time to consider his options, Reddick called.

The river brought a 7h prompting a check from Reddick. Sbrissa fired a bet of 44,500 and then shockingly Reddick went over the top pushing his stack all-in. Sbrissa went into the tank for a few minutes tensing up and counting out chips trying to make a decision. After a final look at his cards, Sbrissa put his head down and threw his cards into the muck.

Reddick then showed As9s for a busted flush draw and raked in the pot while Sbrissa said he had J-10.