Event 9: Reis Gets Some Back

$570 Deeper Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)

Level 32:  Blinds 75k/150k/25k ante

Jamie Gold opened for 400k and got a call from Rafael Reis.  “Nice hand” said Jamie with a chuckle.

The flop fell {ts th 6s] and Rafael checked.  Jamie bet 400k and got the call.  “Here we go,” said Jamie.

Turn was the Js and both checked.  River was the Tc and Rafael fired 650k, sending Jamie into the tank for a minute.  “I can’t imagine folding a full house here,” he said.

Jamie finally called, saying “full house” but not showing his hand.  Rafael rolled over KhJc for Ten-full-of-Jacks and Jamie mucked.  His stack dropped back to about 2 million.