High Roller: Barry Hutter Eliminated in 11th Place by Anton Wigg

$25,500 High Roller (Re-Entry)
$1,000,000 Guaranteed | Structure | Payouts
Level 16:  10,000/20,000 with a 20,000 ante
Players Remaining:  10 of 102

Barry Hutter
Barry Hutter

Barry Hutter raised under the gun to 225,000, leaving himself about 50,000 behind, and Anton Wigg called from the hijack.

The flop came 9d7s4s, Hutter moved all in for about 50,000, and Wigg called with QsQd.

Hutter turned over Qh10h, and he needed to catch running tens or a runner-runner straight to stay alive.

The turn card was the 2d, the river card was the 6s, and Wigg won the pot with his queens to eliminate Hutter in 11th place.

Anton Wigg  –  1,425,000  (71 bb)
Barry Hutter  –  Eliminated in 11th Place  ($65,505)

With 10 players remaining, the average chip stack is about 1,020,000 (51 big blinds). They are in the money, guaranteed at least $68,025 each.

Action is scheduled to continue tonight until there are nine players remaining for tomorrow’s final table.