High Roller Day 1: Tom Marchese Eliminated by Brian Yoon

$25,400 High Roller Event (Re-Entry)
Level 16: 6,000/12,000/2,000 Ante

Tom Marchese
Tom Marchese

Tom Marchese was all in for 140,000 with As9c, and he needed to improve to stay alive against Brian Yoon’s AcKh.

The board came Jd3d3c4c8c, and Yoon won the pot with his king kicker to eliminate Marchese in 11th place.

Brian Yoon  –  434,000  (36 bb)
Tom Marchese  –  Eliminated in 11th Place  ($57,500)

With 10 players remaining, the average chip stack is about 830,000 (69 big blinds). Action will continue tonight until one player is eliminated, and the final nine will return tomorrow afternoon for the televised final table.