$10M GTD: Jacob Viccellio Eliminated in 19th Place by Ray Qartomy


Justin Bonomo min-raises under the gun to 120,000, Jacob Viccellio reraises from the hijack to 300,000, and Ray Qartomy cold four-bets it to 900,000 from the big blind. Bonomo folds, and Viccellio moves all in for about 1.6 million.

Qartomy calls with Ac Ah, and Viccellio turns over Jc Jd.

The board comes Kc 4c 3h 8h Qc, and the pocket aces hold up for Qartomy to win the pot and eliminate Jacob Viccellio in 19th place.

Ray Qartomy  –  8,650,000  (144 bb)
Jacob Viccellio  –  Out in 19th Place  ($58,175)