Michael Newman Captures His Second Six-Figure Score by Winning the $360 Ultimate Re-Entry for $181,025

2019 Lucky Hearts Poker Open
Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino 
Hollywood, Florida
Event 1
Ultimate Re-Entry
$360 No Limit Hold’em
$500,000 Guaranteed

Entries: 4,508
Total Prize Pool: $1,352,400
Multi-Stack Payouts: 71 @ $2,500 = $177,500
Day 2 Prize Pool: $1,174,900

January 10-15, 2019

TD Tony Burns and Event 1 Champion Michael Newman
TD Tony Burns and Event 1 Champion Michael Newman

Michael Newman won the $360 buy-in Ultimate Re-Entry event on Tuesday, winning $181,025 by being the chipleader when a deal was negotiated by the final three players.

Event 1 was an incredibly successful kick-off to the Lucky Hearts Poker Open, with 4,508 entries more than doubling the $500K guarantee to create a total prizepool worth $1,352,400.

After eight starting flights, there were 374 players who survived to Day 2, which began with a flurry of bustouts in the money. By the time the field reached the dinner break, there were only 52 players remaining.

Event 1's Field on Day 2
Event 1’s Field on Day 2

At that point, Newman was one of the short stacks, down to 17 big blinds. But he battled back, and by the time the field was down to the final 20, Newman had built his stack up to about 100 big blinds, and he never looked back.

From that point forward, the lead went back-and-forth between Newman and eventual runner-up finisher Willie Wiggins. Day 2 came to an end around 2:30 am with 11 players remaining, and Newman bagged the chip lead.

Play resumed this afternoon at 2:00 pm, and it didn’t take long for Danny Kasper to be sent to the rail in 11th place, and the final table was set.

Event 1 - Final Table
Event 1 – Final Table

Seat 1.  Devond Marshall  –  2,575,000  (21 bb)
Seat 2.  Scott Robbins  –  10,235,000  (82 bb)
Seat 3.  Jeffrey Colpitts  –  7,200,000  (58 bb)
Seat 4.  Willie Wiggins  –  9,865,000  (79 bb)
Seat 5.  Jason Young  –  1,675,000  (13 bb)
Seat 6.  Michael Duek  –  3,475,000  (28 bb)
Seat 7.  Richard Carr  –  4,300,000  (34 bb)
Seat 8.  Angel Bracho  –  8,400,000  (67 bb)
Seat 9.  Perry Shiao  –  1,400,000  (11 bb)
Seat 10.  Michael Newman  –  12,600,000  (101 bb)

Perry Shiao (10th) and Jason Young (9th) busted fairly quickly, but with eight players remaining the table stalled for nearly two hours. In that time, Wiggins went on a rush to become the first player to cross the 20-million mark, but nobody busted.

Eventually, the dam burst, and in the span of about half an hour we lost Devond Marshall (8th), Angel Bracho (7th), and Michael Duek (6th). Duek’s elimination had a bit of painful poetry to it, as he had just doubled up with pocket aces before running into somebody else’s pocket aces to be eliminated.

That somebody else with pocket aces? Michael Newman.

5th-Place Finisher Richard Carr
5th-Place Finisher Richard Carr

Down to five players, the short stacks were Richard Carr and Jeffrey Colpitts. Carr looked like he would outlast Colpitts after doubling thru him with pocket jacks vs. king-ten suited. But the next hand, Carr got involved in a big pot against Wiggins.

They both limped from the blinds, and Wiggins check-called the flop and the turn on a board of AcQd10s2s3s.

Wiggins shoved the river, and Carr snap-called all in for 6.1 million with Ah10d for two pair. But Wiggins turned over KhJh for a flopped ace-high straight to eliminate Carr in fifth place.

4th-Place Finisher Jeffrey Colpitts
4th-Place Finisher Jeffrey Colpitts

The next hand, Colpitts was first to act and woke up with AsQd. He shoved, only to see Newman wake up with a slightly better AdKh in the big blind. The better hand held up to eliminate Colpitts in fourth place.

The final three players played one more hand before deciding to chop up the remaining prizepool in an ICM deal. Newman had the chip lead, and was declared the winner and received the trophy.

This is the 13th tournament that Newman has won at Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood, and it’s his second six-figure score — Newman won the 2017 Rock ‘n’ Roll Poker Open Championship to earn $374,240. With his victory today, Newman has crossed the coveted $1 million mark in career live tournament earnings.

3rd-place finisher Scott Robbins (left) and runner-up Willie Wiggins (right) pose with Event 1 Champion Michael Newman after a three-way chop.
3rd-place finisher Scott Robbins (left) and runner-up Willie Wiggins (right) pose with Event 1 Champion Michael Newman after a three-way chop.

Final Table Results:

1st:  Michael Newman*  –  $181,025 + LHPO trophy
2nd:  Willie Wiggins  –  $176,120
3rd:  Scott Robbins  –  $130,235
4th:  Jeffrey Colpitts  –  $63,359
5th:  Richard Carr  –  $45,895
6th:  Michael Duek  –  $34,929
7th:  Angel Bracho  –  $26,806
8th:  Devond Marshall  –  $19,495
9th:  Jason Young*  –  $13,809
10th:  Perry Shiao  –  $8,935

* Michael Newman and Jason Young survived two starting flights, so they each received an additional $2,500 on top of their final-table earnings.

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