Super High Roller: Kempe Shoves on Fast

$50,000 Super High Roller (Re-Entry)
Level 15: 5,000/10,000 with a 1,000 Ante
Players Remaining: 5 of 28

Rainer Kempe and David Peters each took a shot with a pre-flop shove, neither which were called, and Kempe built a bigger pot with Dietrich Fast.

Fast opened to 25,000 from under the gun and Kempe called to the KhQh8c flop. Kempe checked, Fast bet 20,000 and Kempe check/raised to 70,000. Fast thought for a bit before calling to the Ts turn.

After a few minutes to ponder, Kempe moved all-in for 183,000 and it was Fast’s turn to think. He released his hand and Kempe built up his stack.

Seat 1: Jason Koon – 623,000 (62 bb)
Seat 2: Rainer Kempe – 480,000 (48 bb)
Seat 3: Dietrich Fast – 900,000 (90 bb)
Seat 4: David Peters – 417,000 (42 bb)
Seat 5: Adrian Mateos – 1,080,000 (108 bb)