Edwards Muñiz Wins WPTDeepStacks Hollywood Title

2020 Lucky Hearts Poker Open
Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
Hollywood, Florida
Event 1
$1,100 WPTDeepStacks Hollywood
$1,000,000 Guaranteed
Entries:  1,404
Prize Pool:  $1,361,880
January 9-13, 2020

Edwards Muñiz, 2020 WPTDeepStacks Hollywood Champion

The Seminole Hard Rock Lucky Hearts Poker Open kicked off the series with the $1,000,000 guaranteed WPTDeepStacks Hollywood event. The big tournament had a huge turnout and Tampa’s Edwards Muñiz made the trek across the state then walked away with the title.

“I still can’t believe it,” Muñiz said. “I can’t even process it. It’s been a magical few days.”

The tournament drew 1,404 entries over three starting flights and they put together a prize pool worth $1,361,880. Muñiz bagged the biggest stack in Flight B and he used those chips to make the final table at the end of Day 2.

Former RRPO opening event champ Trung Pham began the final table with the lead but Muñiz quickly moved up the counts until he took the late lead. He knocked the last three players out of the tournament and defeated Jason Block on the first hand of heads-up play.

Muñiz earned $228,717 for his WPTDeepStacks Hollywood title and moved into second place on the WPDeepStacks Player of the Year race with only 2019 champ Jason Young ahead of him.

This wasn’t the only win for Muñiz in this series. With some time to kill after bagging Flight B, Muñiz played the Big O tournament on Saturday and won that trophy on his day off.

“Killing time by playing poker and watching football is not a bad way to spend a Saturday,” Muñiz said. “I was sure that that was the peak of the poker trip until today happened.”

Congratulation to Edwards on the great weekend of poker and thank you to our players for a fantastic opening.

Final table results:

1st: Edwards Muñiz – $228,717*
2nd: Jason Block – $159,206
3rd: Peter Fellows – $103,316
4th: Brian Metter – $76,627
5th: Trung Pham – $57,739
6th: Howard Mash – $46,596
7th: Alcides Gomez – $38,348
8th: Justin Bianco – $30,276
9th: Aaron Rosenthal – $22,571
* First-prize amount includes a $3,000 package for the winner to play in the WPTDeepStacks Championship in April at Thunder Valley Resort & Casino.

Download: Complete WPTDeepStacks results (PDF)

Edwards Muñiz wins the 2020 WPTDeepStacks Hollywood title

WPTDS: Edwards Muñiz Wins Title and $228,717; Jason Block Second for $159,206

$1,100 WPTDeepStacks Hollywood
$1,000,000 Guaranteed | Payouts | Live Stream
Level 36:  200,000/400,000 with a 400,000 ante

Edwards Muñiz (left) versus Jason Block (right)

It did not take long to settle the matter. On the first hand of heads up, Jason Block limped his button and Edwards Muñiz raised to 1,500,000. Block moved all in for 10,100,000 and Muñiz called.

Muñiz: AhKh
Block: 3c3h

Block was ahead for the double but Muñiz took the lead on the Ks7d6s flop. The turn was 7c and the river came Th to finish it off.

Block earned $159,206 for the runner-up finish while Muñiz banked $225,717 along with a $3K package to the WPTDeepStacks Championship.

1st: Edwards Muñiz – $228,717*
2nd: Jason Block – $159,206

Jason Block

WPTDS: Peter Fellows – 3rd Place ($103,316)

$1,100 WPTDeepStacks Hollywood
$1,000,000 Guaranteed | Payouts | Live Stream
Level 36:  200,000/400,000 with a 400,000 ante
Players Remaining:  2 of 1,404

Peter Fellows

Peter Fellows open-shoved for 2,900,000 from the button, Edwards Muñiz called in the small blind and Jason Block folded his big.

Muñiz: Ac3c
Fellows: KdQc

Fellows had two live cards to double but the AdTs9c5d6d board was no help to send him out in third place.

Edwards Muñiz – 32,000,000 (80 bb)
Peter Fellows – Eliminated in 3rd Place ($103,316)

WPTDS: Brian Metter – 4th Place ($76,627)

$1,100 WPTDeepStacks Hollywood
$1,000,000 Guaranteed | Payouts | Live Stream
Level 36:  200,000/400,000 with a 400,000 ante
Players Remaining:  3 of 1,404

Brian Metter

Jason Block and Peter Fellows folded before Brian Metter moved all in for 4,200,000 from the small blind. Edwards Muñiz checked his cards and called in the big blind.

Muñiz: JdTd
Metter: AdTc

Metter was in great shape for a double and faded trouble on the 7d7s2s flop. The 9h turn gave Muñiz a gutshot draw and it filled on the 8c river to send Metter out in fourth place.

Edwards Muñiz – 29,000,000 (73 bb)
Brian Metter – Eliminated in 4th Place ($76,627)

WPTDS: Edwards Muñiz Versus Brian Metter

$1,100 WPTDeepStacks Hollywood
$1,000,000 Guaranteed | Payouts | Live Stream
Level 36:  200,000/400,000 with a 400,000 ante
Players Remaining:  4 of 1,404

Brian Metter

Brian Metter limped from the small blind, Edwards Muñiz checked his option in the big blind, and the flop came AdTc3h. Both players checked, the turn was 2c, and Metter bet 400,000.

Muñiz raised to 1,800,000 and Metter called. The river was 9s, Metter checked, and Muñiz put out a big 7,000,000 bet. Metter thought for several moments and called.

Muñiz tabled 5h4c for a turned wheel and Metter mucked the big pot to the leader.

Edwards Muñiz – 24,000,000 (60 bb)
Brian Metter – 2,450,000 (6 bb)

Brian Metter
Edwards Muñiz (foreground) versus Brian Metter (background)