Event 1: Derek Buonano Wins $90,000 in a 9-Way Chop

After nearly two levels without a bustout at the final table of Event 1 ($350 No-Limit Hold’em), the final nine players took their scheduled break and came back talking about a chop scenario.

Everyone counted their chip stacks and entered the numbers into an online ICM calculator. (ICM calculations are designed to split a prizepool based on a player’s reasonable expected value rather than a straight % based on chip counts.)

The primary holdout was chipleader Derek Buonano, who had a big chip lead, while everyone else had fewer than 25 big blinds. The ICM calculation would award him $81,702, which was about third-place money, and he wasn’t happy with that since he had a big chip lead.

Eventually, a deal was reached for other players to kick in enough money to award Buonano an even $90,000 for first place.

Their finishing places were determined by the agreed-upon payouts:

1st:  Derek Buonano  –  $90,000
2nd:  Steven McKoy  –  $64,001
3rd:  Jaime Campos  –  $58,418
4th:  Zack Goodman  –  $58,323
5th:  John Liu  –  $57,557
6th:  David Diaz  –  $50,047
7th:  Jeff Yeh  –  $42,742
8th:  Kevin Ho  –  $41,000
9th:  Daniel Navarrete  –  $38,787

Derek Buonano, 1st Place ($90,000)
Derek Buonano, 1st Place ($90,000)
Steven McKoy, 2nd Place ($64,001)
Steven McKoy, 2nd Place ($64,001)
Jaime Campos, 3rd Place ($58,418)
Jaime Campos, 3rd Place ($58,418)


Zack Goodman, 4th Place ($58,323)
Zack Goodman, 4th Place ($58,323)

John Liu, 5th Place ($57,557)John Liu, 5th Place ($57,557)


David Diaz, 6th Place ($50,047)
David Diaz, 6th Place ($50,047)

Jeff Yeh, 7th Place ($42,742)Jeff Yeh, 7th Place ($42,742)

Kevin Ho, 8th Place ($41,000)
Kevin Ho, 8th Place ($41,000)
Daniel Navarrete, 9th Place ($38,787)
Daniel Navarrete, 9th Place ($38,787)

Event 1: David Diaz Doubles Thru Derek Buonano

With nine players left in Event 1 ($350 No-Limit Hold’em), David Diaz is all in from the cutoff for about 2.1 million with AdAh against Derek Buonano’s As9d in the hijack.

The board comes QsJh7s10s2h, and Buonano turns a spade flush draw with an open-ended straight draw, but he improves no further. Diaz wins the pot to double up in chips.

David Diaz  –  5,050,000  (16 bb)
Derek Buonano  –  13,250,000  (44 bb)

The short stacks continue to run well in these final table all-in situations, which is why there are still nine players remaining.

Event 1: Chipleader Derek Buonano Nears 13 Million with 13 Left

The field in Event 1 ($350 No-Limit Hold’em) is now down to 13 players as chipleader Derek Buonano increases his chip lead.

After a nine-high flop, Mike Chiappetta bet 1 million from the hijack, Buonano moved all in from the button, and both players in the blinds folded. Chiappetta called with A-A for an overpair, but Buonano turned over 9-9 for top set.

The board paired on the turn, and the river was a blank, giving Buonano the pot with a full house, nines full of threes. Chiappetta was the latest player to hit the rail in this event, finishing 14th.

Derek Buonano  –  12,800,000  (85 bb)
Mike Chiappetta  –  Out in 14th Place  ($7,630)

Event 1: Derek Buonano Leads the Final 44

The action is happening so fast that it’s difficult to keep up. In less time than it takes to walk thru the field to identify the chipleaders, two entire tables have been broken.

With 44 players remaining, the average chip stack is about 1.54 million. With blinds at 30,000-60,000 and a 10,000 ante, the average stack is worth about 25 big blinds.

Here are some of the updated chip counts, with more to come soon:

Derek Buonano  –  4,420,000  (73 bb)
Chad Eveslage  –  2,850,000  (47 bb)
Steven McKoy  –  2,800,000  (46 bb)
Jeff Yeh  –  2,500,000  (41 bb)
Alfred Gandia  –  2,430,000  (40 bb)
Jaime Campos  –  2,150,000  (35 bb)
Daniel Navarrete  –  1,300,000  (21 bb)
Pedro Rios  –  1,200,000  (20 bb)
Mike Beasley  –  725,000  (12 bb)
Michael Tait  –  665,000  (11 bb)

The remaining players are all guaranteed at least $3,866. The next pay jump will be for 36th place, which is worth $4,578. The first prize waiting for the winner is $138,952.

Action will continue tonight until the field is down to the final table (unlikely, even at this pace) or 3:00 am EDT, whichever comes first.