WPT Ambassador Steve Aoki Meets and Greets and Plays

It was a special day outside the Grand Ballroom this afternoon when WPT Ambassador Steve Aoki made an appearance in the lobby for a meet-and-greet before playing a little poker.

The award-winning DJ/music producer/record executive joined the WPT team earlier this year and traveled to South Florida to meet his fans, sign some autographs, and hopefully win some money in the $1,700 Purple Chip Bounty tournament.

After everyone was able to interact with the popular celeb, Aoki was shown to his table in the Grand Ballroom to get down to the business of poker.

Aoki wasted no time getting his chips in the middle. After a flop of As4s2h and his first hand of the tournament, he put his 19,500 stack in the middle and Carlo Rodriguez took a shot to pick up the celeb’s bounty.

Aoki: 5s3h
Rodriguez: 6h4h

Aoki was in great shape for an early double-up after he flopped a wheel. Rodriguez had middle pair with a back door flush draw. The Kh turn was the first part and the table erupted when the river Th hit the board to give Rodriguez a heart flush to knock Aoki out.

Aoki was a great sport about it and had a laugh with the table. In addition to winning the $500 bounty, Rodriguez was also gifted Aoki’s custom Dim Mak jacket which he continues to wear as he plays the rest of the tournament.

Welcome to Hard Rock Hollywood Steve, we hope to see you again!