Championship Day 1B: Chino Rheem Triples

$3,500 WPT Lucky Hearts Poker Open Championship
$2,000,000 Guaranteed | Structure
Level 4: 100/200 with a 25 ante
Flight B Entries: 329 (Total Entries: 793)

Chino Rheem

A player in middle position limped, and Chino Rheem raised to 800 in the cutoff. Jared Jaffee called on the button, and the big blind defended. The initial limper folded.

The flop was Td7d2c. The exact betting action isn’t clear, but the result was a three-way all in, with Rheem having the shortest stack of the three. He was at risk for 14,700 as the trio tabled their hands.

Rheem: Kd9d
Jaffee: AhTs
Big blind: 8hTh

The 4d on the turn settled the main pot one card early, with Rheem locking up a triple-up with a flush.

The river was the 5d, so Jaffee won the side pot. After paying off his debt to Rheem, he was left with 9,400 with which to double. The big blind didn’t have quite enough to cover that, so he was eliminated.

Chino Rheem: 47,000
Jared Jaffee – 18,300