Championship: Smokin’ Aces

$3,500 Championship No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
$2 Million Guaranteed

Level 4:  Blinds 75/150/25 ante

Randy Ohel
Randy Ohel

A while back over on table nine, a big pot played out with Randy Ohel (Las Vegas, NV) as the benefactor.

Picking up the action on the flop, which read 8c3h2h.  The player in seat 4 was all-in for 7,200 and Seat 7 called.  Then Randy shoved for another 12,125 on top.  Seat 7 gave it some thought, then called, having Randy covered.

Seat 4 had Ah9h for the flush draw with two overs.  “Uh oh” said seat 7, as he tabled his Kh4h for a useless flush draw with one over.

Randy rolled over pocket Aces and he was ahead, but needed to fade all the hearts and back-door draws.

The last two cards safely fell Jd5s and the player in seat 4 was busted.  Randy chipped up to over 50k.

Randy grew up in this area before moving to Las Vegas and came back to town to spend Thanksgiving with family.