CSOP: 6th & 7th place – Kornuth, Slater

$300 CSOP Big Stack Turbo NLH (Re-Entry)
Level 22: 8K/16K/ 2K ante

After a series of lost pots, former chip leader Chance Kornuth dwindles his stack down significantly. Nick Yunis has both Kornuth and 940 AM WINZ on-air personality Andy Slater all-in. The board rolls out 3d2c10sKc5d, with Kornuth making a pair of Kings with Kd9h. However, Yunis makes 2 pair with his 10d3h to bust both Kornuth and Slater (who held Js9c) in the same hand. Kornuth and Slater get 6th ($809) and 7th place ($647), respectively.

IMPDI SHRPO Charity_LAC_2368
6th place – Kornuth

IMPDI SHRPO Charity_LAC_2370
7th place – Slater