Event 16: Kuether Out-Kicks DiBella

$2,200 Buy-In Six-Max No Limit Hold’em Freeze-Out

Level 21: Blinds 5k/10k/1k ante

Before the blinds went up, all three players saw a flop of 7 7 6 rainbow.  It was checked to Moe Maghraoui who bet 15k on the button.  John DiBella called, then Joe Kuether raised to 48k.  Moe folded and John called.

Turn was a Ten and both checked.  River was a King and John bet 95k.  Joe called.  John showed 75 for trips.  Joe showed J7 for trips with a better kicker to take the pot.

Three-handed play continues.  Approximate chip counts:

Moe Maghraoui 840k
Joe Kuether 635k
John DiBella 275k