CSOP: Interview with Tristan Wade


We caught up with local professional poker player Tristan Wade (pictured above right) during the Charity Series of Poker event and here are some of his thoughts about the fun evening.

On the atmosphere of the CSOP event: “It’s super fun, there’s a huge turnout. A lot of people are having a blast. The pre-party was awesome. The hors d’oeuvres were incredible and it was a nice bar. I just really enjoyed the company of everybody.”

On buying his Mom into her first tournament: “I got to bring my parents. I bought my Mom into the tournament. This is the first tournament she has ever played. I gave her some tips, but when I walked over to her I saw her play Jack-Six offsuit and that wasn’t in any of the tips I gave her. The reason I bought her in is that she took me to a Habitat For Humanity event in our city of Boynton Beach [Florida] to help build a house, so I wanted to return the favor.”

On playing events at the Seminole Hard Rock: “It’s a home court advantage for me absolutely.  The thing I like the best is the people at the Hard Rock really care about poker. You won’t see that at a lot of places. People put effort into poker but not like this, the Hard Rock is going all out and it’s incredible.”