Event 10, Day 1B: Leaderboard, and Stout Out

$570 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 9: 400/800/100 Ante

Registration has closed for Flight 1B of Event 10, and unofficially, there were 325 entries. Here’s a look at the players with at least 90,000 in chips at the break:

1.  Iman Dan  –  108,500  (136 bb)
2.  Jorge Masvidal  –  105,000  (131 bb)
3.  Joshua Hillock  –  92,000  (115 bb)
4.  Keith Morea  –  92,500  (116 bb)

Iman Dan
Chipleader Iman Dan

Shortly after Level 9 began, Luis Santoni moved all in from middle position with KdQd, and Jessica Dawley called all in from the cutoff for 17,900 with AdJd. The board came Js5h4c8h10c, and Dawley won the pot with a pair of jacks to double up to 38,000.

Santoni dropped down to 27,000, and a hand or two later a short-stacked Matt Stout got it all in with 8-8 against Santoni’s Q-J. Santoni paired his queen on the flop, and it held up for him to eliminate Stout from Day 1B.

Luis Santoni  –  47,000  (59 bb)
Jessica Dawley  –  38,000  (48 bb)
Matt Stout  –  Eliminated

The field still has this level plus five more 30-minute levels to play tonight before stopping play around 1:45 pm ET.