Event 10: Over A Million!

$300 + $50 No Limit Hold’em Deep Stack

Blinds 10K/20K Ante 2K

“Hey Blogger, you’re going to want to blog this one,” came the yell from Ralph Campbell as he stacked a mountain of chips. It was a big hand and the three hands face up on the table were pocket Kings, pocket Jacks and the fortunate Mr. Campbell who woke up in the small blind with pocket Aces at the most opportune of times. The board ran out 8h3h2h4d2s to give Campbell the double knockout. “Over a million,” he said, a broad smile crossing his face. The player to his left commented “what a dream scenario, two all ins and pick up Aces in the blinds”. The dealer who dealt the hand got up and Ralph joked “thank you, I’ll see you in the alley later.” Not sure why the dealer deserves to get beat up after delivering such a good hand but to each their own I suppose. Campbell is actually over 1.2 million now.

There are 40 players remaining.

Ralph Campbell after winning a huge pot
Ralph Campbell after winning a huge pot