Event 12: Vinny Likes Freezing the Action

$2,200 Six-Max NLH (Freeze-Out)
$200,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool
3 pm Sunday, April 6 (Registration Open Until ~7:30 pm)
15k Chips / 60 min Levels

Vinny Pahuja
Vinny Pahuja

Freeze-out tournaments are the exception, not the rule, in today’s tournament poker world.

Re-entry, re-entry, re-entry permeates every series, but the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown is offering the rare $2,200 event where players are limited to one tournament entry.

“I think it’s awesome,” says Vinny Pahuja (Hicksville, NY), “They’re really bucking the trend with a prelim that’s a decent guarantee without re-entry.”

The tournament has a $200,000 Guaranteed prize pool and more than 20 players are already registered for the event.

“It will bring in players who want to play a bigger buy-in, but usually don’t because the pros are taking many shots,” says Pahuja who has $1.6 million in career earnings from recorded live tournament play, “it has good value.”

While re-entries are good for boosting prize pools and creating second chances after a bad beat (or third, or fourth…), it definitely effects how players approach the game. Sunday’s traditional one bullet per customer will put more of a premium on skill and is attractive on many levels.

“One of the reasons I came down here so early was because of the $2k,” says Pajuha, “otherwise I would have just come for the main (Championship).”

Pajuha is currently playing tonight’s final flight of Event 8 ($500,000 Guarantee) and looking to bag & tag for Sunday’s Day 2. He’ll have plenty of time to make the money in that event and still jump into the freeze-out which closes registration at 7:30 pm.