Event 14: Nicholas Verkaik Bubbles in 5th Place

$2,200 Eight Game Mix
(NLH and PLO) Blinds 1,000/2,000, (The Rest) Limits 4,000/8,000

Omaha H/L

Nicholas Verkaik raises from the cutoff, Larry St.Jean calls from the button, and Jordan Chizick calls from the big blind.

The flop comes down Td9d5s and Chizick checks to Verkaik who bets. Both St. Jean and Chizick call, landing the Qh turn. All three players check and do the same on the Ah river.

St. Jean shows AdTc7d2c for aces and tens, both opponents muck, and St. Jean wins the pot.

Down to 800, Verkaik is all in from the big blind two hands later in a family pot. All four opponents check to the river of a 6d5c2c5s7h board where Campbell bets. Only Zeidman calls and the hands are revealed.

Verkaik: 8s5h4s2d (fives full of deuces, 7-6 low)
Campbell: Ah3d3c2h (nut low)
Zeidman: Ts8d6h5d (fives full of sixes)

Zeidman with the high with a better full house than Verkaik, while Campbell takes the low, eliminating Verkaik on the bubble in fifth place.