Event 15: Sbrissa Doubles Thru Zaki

$1,650 Eight-Handed No Limit Hold ‘Em (Single Re-Entry)

Level 15:  Binds 1.200/2,400/400 Ante

Victor Sbrissa (bb) and Justin Zaki (utg+1) got to the turn with a board of AdKh7c2s and Sbrissa checked, Zaki fired 12,200, Sbrissa check-raised to 25,800.

Zaki tanked for a minute, then called.  River was the Tc and Sbrissa shoved for 30,800.  Zaki again gave it some thought before calling.  He showed AsKc for top two pair.

Sbrissa showed QcJh for Broadway, catching a 4-outer on the river.  “Oh My God” was all Zaki could say.   Roman Valerstein said “No justice in poker.”

Sbrissa doubled up to ~135k while Zaki’s stack dropped to ~30k.