Event 16: 4th Place – Corey Burbink

$2,200 Buy-In Six-Max No Limit Hold’em Freeze-Out

Level 20: Blinds 4k/8k/1k ante

Corey Burbick - 4th Place
Corey Burbick – 4th Place

On a flop of 9s8s7c Corey Burbink checked, John DiBella checked, Moe Maghraoui bet 20k from the button, Corey raised to 50k, John folded, and Moe jammed.

Corey called all-in showing 6d5c for the straight.  Moe had JhTh for the top end of the straight and the nuts.  The last two came Ac2s and Moe took the pot, chipping up to ~800k and the chip lead.

Corey Burbink busted out in 4th place, earning $21,004.