Event 24: Dom Mosley Doubles Thru Michael Duek

$25,500 Pot-Limit Omaha High Roller (Re-Entry)
Structure | Payouts
Level 21:  30,000/60,000 with a 60,000 ante
Players Remaining:  3 of 52

Dom Mosley
Dom Mosley

Michael Duek raised from the button to 210,000, and Dom Mosley called from the big blind.

Both players checked to the turn on a board of 9s7d6c9d, Mosley checked, Duek moved all in, and Mosley thought for a while before he called all in for 445,000.

Michael Duek:  QdJd10c4c  (diamond flush draw, gutshot straight draw)
Dom Mosley:  Jc9h4h3c  (trip nines, gutshot straight draw)

The river card double-paired the board with the 7h, and Mosley won the pot with his trip nines to double up in chips.

Dom Mosley  –  1,400,000  (23 bb)
Michael Duek  –  605,000  (10 bb)

With three players remaining from a field of 52 entries, the average chip stack is around 1,735,000 (29 big blinds), and the remaining players are guaranteed at least $179,816 each.