Event 35: James Katz (13th – $15,135) and Chance Kornuth (12th – $18,225) Eliminated on Same Hand

$2,700 Big 4 No-Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
$1,000,000 Guaranteed | Structure Payouts
Level 23:  10,000/20,000 with a 20,000 ante
Players Remaining:  11 of 435

Chance Kornuth

James Katz got all in for a short stack worth 215,000 preflop from the hijack, Bobby Lupo called to cover from the cutoff, and Chance Kornuth reraised all in over the top for about 550,000. Lupo called to cover Kornuth as well so all three players flipped over their cards.

Lupo: 10d10s
Kornuth: AcQh
Katz: 5s5h

Board: 8s6c3d10cKh

Lupo won the hand to grow his stack to 1.85 million and both Katz (13th place – $15,135), and Kornuth (12th place – $18,225) were eliminated on the hand.

Bobby Lupo – 1,850,000 (92 bb)
James Katz – Eliminated in 13th Place ($15,135)
Chance Kornuth – Eliminated in 12th Place ($18,225)