Event 4 (Day 2): Mohammed Jaafar Out in 10th Place ($5,655)

$1,650 Deepest-Stack No-Limit Hold’em with re-entries ($300,000 Guaranteed)
Level 24: Blinds 12,000/24,000, Ante 4,000
Players Remaining: 9/290
Average Stack: 1,611,000 (67 bb)

A short-stacked Mohammed Jaafar was all in after the turn of a board reading Ad7h5h6s with 6c5c for two pair. Hunter Cichy had him well covered and held 8h8s.

The river was the 7d, giving Cichy eights and sevens to eliminate Jaafar in 10th place.

Hunter Cichy – 2,200,000 (91 bb)
Mohammed Jaafar – Out in 10th Place ($5,655)