Main Event Day 1C: Win a Seat Winner Anthony Lategano Doing Well

$1,100 WPTDeepStacks Main Event
$1,000,000 Guaranteed | Structure | Payouts
Level 12: 800/1,600 with a 1,600 ante
Flight C Players Remaining: 250 of 691

Win a Seat Winner Anthony Lategano
Anthony Lategano

Anthony Lategano won his seat into this event for free thru the Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood’s “Win a Seat” promotion, and he’s doing fairly well so far.

The player in the cutoff min-raised to 3,200, Lategano called from the small blind, and the big blind also called.

All three players checked to the turn on a board of AcJd8cKh, and it checked to the player in the cutoff, who bet 5,000. Lategano called, and the big blind folded.

The river card was the 5c, Lategano bet 15,000, and the cutoff folded. Lategano took the pot.

Anthony Lategano  –  56,800  (36 bb)

A few hands later, Lategano limped from the cutoff for 1,600, the player on the button raised to 4,500, and Lategano called.

The flop came Qh9h6s, Lategano checked, the button bet 6,500, and Lategano called.

The turn card was the 8d, and both players checked.

The river card paired the board with the 9c, Lategano checked, the button bet 6,400, and Lategano called. The button showed Qd10s for two pair, queens and nines, but Lategano turned over Jc10c to win the pot with a turned queen-high straight.

Anthony Lategano  –  86,000  (54 bb)