Event 1: 10th Place – Alvin Wilson

$350 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)

Level 33: Blinds 100k/200k/25k ante

Alvin Wilson
Alvin Wilson

It took three blows, but Alvin Wilson (Union City, GA) is down for the count.

On a flop of J T 6, Daniel Francis was all-in for 5.65 million holding AJ for top/top.  Alvin was ahead with pocket Queens, until an Ace hit the river.  Daniel doubled up to over 11 million.  Alvin dropped to below 3 million.

Then he shipped a double-up to Javier Sarache.  Alvin had A5 and had flopped two pair to lead against Javier’s AQ (top pair) but the full board came A 5 2 K K and Alvin’s second pair was counterfeited.  Javier doubled up to ~4.5 million while Alvin dropped below 800k.

Alvin got his last 625k in and was called by three players, who checked down the board of 8 8 6 7 A.  Vasilli Leschenko had the only pair with pocket 3s to take he pot.  Alvin had QT and whiffed to finish in 10th place, earning $7,352.